Connect with your most valuable customers and grow sales by identifying a clear and winning Market Position.

One that allows your brand to do what all great brands do: credibly fulfil an important human need or motivation better than your competition.

When focused on the fulfilment of that need, the brand will grow and your top-line will be transformed.

FOUND will help you identify this Market Position.

One that will signal your brand’s presence to the market, cutting through the clutter and creating an enduring competitive advantage.

The best brands know that any product or service feature can be matched by competitors. But once your brand owns a piece of your customer’s mind through positioning at a deeper, more emotional level – it’s yours for the long-term.

Identifying this market sweet-spot is a process. It’s fact-based, analytical and creative. It requires specific know-how and the right tools.

Positioning happens.

If you haven’t chosen a position for your brand, one is being chosen for you (by your customers, competitors or employees).

Brands who don’t choose or, miss the mark, will eventually be commoditised. However great their product or service, they are always the challenger, never the hero. Forever scrapping with competitors and without a clear and enduring market position to do the heavy-lifting.

“Most marketing agencies will help with branding and positioning however, I am totally amazed that within three workshops FOUND has completely transformed our thinking, identity, positioning and strategy onto a whole new level.”
– MD, health technology company